Catedral de Santiago

Address: Hidalgo y Juárez, Centro Histórico, Saltillo, Coah.
Phone.  (844) 4 14 02 30
Schedule: 8:00 am- 1:00 pm / 4:00 pm- 8:00 pm

A true architectural jewel dedicated to the apostle Santiago El Mayor. Its construction started in 1745, when it was a parish, and later, in 1891,it was erected as the Cathedral of Saltillo, combining several architectural styles such as baroque and churringuresque. Is the most emblematic building in Saltillo and its tower is one of the highest in Latin America. Inside, the altarpieces stand out, as well as a collection of 45 vice regal oil paintings. The 18th century silver front found on the altar of San José, was part of the exhibits “Mexico, Esplendores de Treinta Siglos” which toured the United States and Mexico for three years.