November 15, 2019

“An entrepreneur possesses a unique mentality which allows him to identify opportunities others cannot see and acts immediately to make them a reality”

Under this premise, the IPADE Business Scholl hosted the Twelfth Edition of the Isthmus Forum, titled “360 Leadership. Choose your Mindset”. The IPADE opens a space for dialogue with the purpose of exploring all the different types of mentalities that detonate the decisions in the fascinating race to change the world. The IPADE gathers speakers from Mexico’s corporate sphere to facilitate the dialogue, which aids in considering the subject of the specific role of the current entrepreneur, the impact that he generates by building for a common goal, and the importance of his actions as an activist within the current context.

As part of this exceptional panel of speakers, our president, Raul Rodarte Leos, contributed by introducing the current instance of overall success. This is exemplified by the collaboration of the Office of Conventions and Visitors of the state’s southeastern region with the State and the Private Sector, to make of Coahuila a role model of strength building and growth in the value of tourism in a state.