The Southeastern Region is getting prepared in the Coahuila Hygienic Quality Workshop
June 20, 2020

During the past 10, 11, and 12 of June, in a response to the “new reality” created by the COVID-19 sanitary contingency, the Department of Tourism and Development of Magic Towns for the State of Coahuila is joining the efforts to face this new challenge by imparting the “Coahuila Hygienic Quality Workshop” to all its tourism related agencies, so as to maintain a close and trusting relationship among its tourist attractions and the tourists who visit them.

As part of this training, we were among the over 120 companies, affecting 1,200 people within the tourism industry. Several topics concerning prevention, health and hygiene were touched upon, with the purpose of guaranteeing the wellbeing of our personnel and the quality of our services