3er. Encuentro de Organizaciones de Mercadeo de Destinos Saltillo
Hotel Quinta Real

The main objective of this event, is to present destinations ideal for working, studying and living.

In its third edition, the event to be held on October 11 and 12 at the Hotel Quinta Real in Saltillo, proposes to generate a successful evolution in the promotion of destinations, based on various models that focus on the local community, to grant a quality service to tourists and visitors.

The OMD invites professionals from the field to participate in this important and enriching meeting, where they will be able to access interesting national and international conferences, as well as participate in the OMDSaurios race. The program also includes a welcome cocktail, food and workshops.

Schedule: Activities both days
Admission fee: $7,900 + IVA
Includes: Access to conferences
Race OMDSaurios (up to 6 places for the race)
Welcome cocktail and meal.
Blvd. José Sarmiento 1385, Col. Rancho de Peña, C.P. 25210, Saltillo, Coah.
Phone: 821 118 0942