March 28, 2023

There is considerable industrial activity in Ramos Arizpe, such as automotive assembly, a foundry, appliance factories, and more than 150 supplier companies distributed in important industrial parks. The Plan de Guadalupe International Airport is located in this municipality. The airport offers connections to Mexico City and is only 50 minutes from the third largest airport in our country, in the city of Monterrey.

The city is famous for the traditional pulque bread (Pan de Pulque), the delicious tamales and fine pastries typical of Northeastern traditions. In the chapel of the Hacienda de Santa María, the priest Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla officiated one of his last masses. You can enjoy an oasis in the desert located on the Ejido Paredon: The Termas de San Joaquín Hotel. Its underground pools of thermal waters, situated under the charm of vaults that resemble Roman-style bathrooms, emit sulphurous vapors which are ideal for aromatherapy, for the vapors generated by the sulfurous waters. At night, you can experience the astronomy evenings offered by the hotel.

With a population of around 75,000 inhabitants, this municipality’s main economic activity is the automotive industry. Its climate is dry with an average temperature of 24º Celsius.

El Campanario

It is adorned with a stone roof in its lower part and an interior stairway. At the top, three pinnacles that point to the sky crown it.

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Pan de Pulque

A culinary tradition of the region is to enjoy the traditional pulque bread. You will find different bakeries that make this delicious pastry.

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Iglesia San Nicolás Tolentino

With more than 200 years of history, the church of San Nicolas Tolentino is one of the most emblematic buildings of Ramos Arizpe and is also the main religious center of the city.

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Termas de San Joaquín

The Coahuila desert hides a magical place with thermal waters, ideal for a trip of rest and relaxation.

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Presidencia Municipal

A Neocolonial building full of historical and cultural wealth located in the Historic Center.

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